Our Services

KNA Logistics is a registered company and we observe the principles of Black Empowerment and Employment Equity. We are structurally separated into Management and Operations divisions with our General manager and Operations manager ensuring that their respective teams work together for precise and efficient service delivery.

Our identification of our target market and its expectations led to us head-hunting individuals with experience within the fields of Management, Logistics, Warehousing, Break Bulk, and Transportation.

Our winning formula has invariably lead to us being established as a force within the marketplace and this, in conjunction with our team effort, was achieved through the process of efficient service delivery, diligent performance, innovative management style and structure, and technological implementations and strategic planning and alliances.

KNA Logistics In the pursuit of client satisfaction we have created a working environment of prosperity through personal evaluation and skills development across all levels from our administrative to professional staff. We offer a combination of experience and a substantiated track record with the necessary support technology and personnel infrastructure to suit your project.

We utilise the latest technology in our operations including real-time vehicle tracking, computerised scheduling and all modern modes of communication with every member of our team, from management to drivers, having company cell-phones.

All our drivers and driver assistants are highly experienced individuals who have undergone intensive screening processes including police clearance, address verification, reference verification and interview processes. We ensure that our drivers are members of THE NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR THE ROAD FREIGHT INDUSTRY, thus ensuring proper and fair internal labour practices, employee satisfaction and committed service.